Business Services

Small Business

Help and guidance for small business startups, bookkeeping, and tax services. See our Consultation page for more information!


We provide non-profit accounting, grant accounting, and can fill the position of a Finance Director for small, non-profit organizations.


Customized to your unique business’ needs including: monthly, quarterly, and annual work – plus projects covering multiple years. Includes financial statements.

Bookkeeping Cleanup

30 years of bookkeeping experience means efficient and effective clean-up of financial records and charts of accounts, so tax time isn’t so taxing (or expensive!).

Taxes & Planning

We not only prepare business (and personal) tax returns, we also make sure to compare this year’s work to previous tax years and plan ahead for future tax years.


On-Time Accounting provides accounts receivable invoicing and bill pay for your small business.

Financial Statements & Reports

We include a profit & loss statement and balance sheet with our bookkeeping service. Customized reports are also available.

On-Site Service

We are happy to provide accounting service projects on-site (in your office) or at our office located in Beaverton.

We’ll take care of you so you can focus on your business.